How can businesses support us?

We are always looking for different ways that businesses can support us. Some join us on our Business Friends programme and make an annual donation. Others though donate stock to us, so that we can sell it and raise the money that we need to continue our work. The DRH Collection made a generous donation to Evie's Gift in January – delivering four pallets of ceramics and glassware to Chairman Bryan Clover! “Bryan had mentioned to us at one of the trade shows how he could always put product to good use, through raffles, auctions and also competitions especially on social media,” said David Holmes, managing director at The DRH Collection. “So we thought we would try that route this year. We have always been strong supporters of Evie's Gift as it is such a worthwhile cause.”

Bryan said that Evie's Gift was absolutely delighted that The DRH Collection had been able to support the charity with such a generous donation. “As the only charity that is here to support the parents of critically ill children, it is so important that we can work alongside businesses in ways like this that work for them as well as us. We were staggered to receive such an enormous amount of stock and are grateful to The DRH Collection for their belief and generosity. We will be able to use this to raise the funds we need to continue our work. This will go a long way to improving the lives of some seriously vulnerable people!”