Dry January 2019

Once again in 2019 I am going to do a Dry January. Last year Evie was here with us, but now I don't have her persuasion (nagging!) to keep me going , and I have to admit that a glass of wine or two have come in very handy during 2018. So I'm going to avoid the booze completely for 31 days, and may even lose a bit of weight into the bargain. If you would like to do the same and raise some cash for one of the charities then I would be absolutely delighted. If you don't drink, then maybe give up chocolate or cakes?

I have set up a fundraising page on Virgin Money Giving because I am splitting the income between Evie's Gift and my work charity the Rainy Day Trust. Both charities mean a great deal to me for very different reasons. When Evie was ill, the support that I received from my Board of Trustees was incredible and took away an awful lot of stress and worry, allowing me to focus my attention entirely on Evie.

The link is below, so please donate a few bob to make it all worthwhile. It doesn't have to be lots, though lots would be nice!


If you would like to do a dry January, or give up something yourself on behalf of Evie's Gift, we would be absolutely delighted.

Thank you