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Research into brain cancer is massively under-funded. It only receives about 2% of all cancer research funding, yet is the biggest cancer-related killer of children in the United Kingdom.  But for research to be effective, the institutions that do the work need cancer tissue to carry out their trials.  Please read this short note form a specialist in the field of paediatric oncology:

Donation of Tissue for Research

Receiving an oncology diagnosis for your child is utterly devastating. The outlook for many children has improved greatly over the last few decades but sadly a few conditions remain a very difficult challenge. During this time of turmoil you may be asked to consider donating tissue from your child’s tumour along with some normal tissue for research purposes. Donation is entirely voluntary and declining will not affect your child’s treatment.

Donated tissue is vital for researchers to work with to promote understanding of tumour biology, improve diagnostic processes and to develop new treatments. With tissue for research we can continue to push forwards and strive to improve the outlook for those children and young people presenting in the future with challenging disease.

Donated tissue is truly a valuable gift.

If you would like to know more please see the information leaflets available via the link below.


Polly Bates

Associate Specialist in Paediatric Oncology

Royal United Hospitals Bath

NHS Foundation Trust

Too many children die from brain tumours every year, and supporting research into this terrible disease is crucial if we are to drive up survival rates.