Evie's Jurassic 13 is back!

This year we are heading back to Charmouth and Golden Cap. Thirteen miles of fabulous Dorset coast and countryside. It's not a race, just the chance to challenge yourself to a great hike. It is tough going in places but then if it was easy it wouldn't be worth doing would it?


This year, Evie's Jurassic 13 will take place on Saturday 18th June 2022, and is the usual 13 miles long and a shorter, and a slightly less demanding 13km (8 mile) walk is also available should you choose to walk something a little easier.


As in previous years, there will be some fun tasks to do with prizes at the end.


Once again, there will be bright pink Evie's Jurassic 13 polo shirts and one will be included in your registration fee.  We'd also like you to fundraise via Just Giving to raise the money that we need to help families going through the most torrid of times.  Importantly, this year we begin a huge growth programme to quadruple the size of the Charity in just 3 years.  We will have recruited our first charity manager by the time the walk takes place.


Your registration fee of £15 per adult and £10 per child will include:

  1. An Evie's Jurassic 13 polo shirt.

  2. Copy of the map of your route.

  3. Water for the walk.

There's a great pub a little before Golden Cap for a well-earned rest and a bite to eat, but remember, Golden Cap is a steep climb so don't over-do your lunch!  We will be setting people off in staggered groups so that you aren't all bunched together.  


We are also running a concurrent virtual walk which you can do at home on the same day if you can't make it to the Jurassic Coast!!


Please advertise the event far and wide as we want to make 2022 the biggest and best event yet.


To register for the event, please complete the form below and return it with your fees to me.  Fees can be paid by BACS to Evie's Gift 40-52-40 acct no 00031784 or by Paypal to info@eviesgift.org.uk




I .................................................... would like to register for Evie's Jurassic 13 on Sat 18 Jun 22.  I would like ....... adult places and ...... child places and include payment of £......... .

Please be aware that registration fees are non-refundable.


Please order me the following polo shirts (please let me know men's/women's/children's sizes):


e.g.: Men's 1 xL, 1 x XL, Women's 1 x size 12, 1 x size 14, Children 2 x age 8-10 (the ladies sizes tend to come up a little small!)


Men's:  .....................................................................



Or: - If you want to wear a previous year's shirt please let us know.

CAN YOU HELP US RUN A FUNDRAISING                                              EVENT?

Here are some ideas:

  1. New Year’s Day Swim. Take part in a New Year’s Day swim near you and get your family and friends to sponsor you.  There are lots of events run around the country from safe local beaches.  Make sure you do this as part of an organised event.

  2. Donation of Auction Items. If you have items that you no longer need, could you auction them on eBay and pass the proceeds to us?  Could your company donate new stock items for us to sell on ebay?

  3. Riding 100 miles on an exercise bike. How about getting fit in the gym and riding 100 km or 100 miles on an exercise bike, while getting sponsored?

  4. Swimming 1000m or even the channel. Get a group of mates together to do a 1000m swim in your local pool. Maybe do it against the clock or just for fun. Or even swim the 22 miles of the channel over a number of days?

  5. Cake Bake. Get those cook books out and bake for Evie’s Gift.  Bake away and sell the cakes at work or school to raise money for the charity.  Maybe decorate the cakes with our logo.

  6. Car Boot Sale. If auctioning on eBay is something that doesn’t appeal, how about having a clear out and going to a car boot sale instead? Tidy the house and help the charity all in one go.

  7. Cream Teas. Organise a cream tea in the office.  Get your cream and jam sent to you free from Roddas and Tiptree and buy your scones – sell a cream tea in the office for £5 a head.

  8. Dress down Friday. Have a few ‘dress down’ Fridays in the office and ask for a £1 donation from everyone who takes part.  Couldn’t be simpler.

  9. Balance a £1 coin on a lemon. Get a clear bowl, fill it with water and plop a lemon in it.  Invite colleagues and friends to try and balance a £1 coin on it – anyone that manages it wins a prize – they won’t!

  10. Register with www.easyfundraising.org.uk. Every time you shop on line, you could be helping to raise a small donation for us.  Register with easyfundraising and choose Evie’s Gift as your charity, then when you shop online, route to your retailer via their website and we get a small donation with every purchase – it costs you nothing, but helps us enormously

  11. Lunchtime Car Wash. Wash your work colleagues’ cars during your lunch break – the bigger the car, the bigger the donation you invite them to make!

  12. Sweepstakes for Grand National or The World Cup. Organise a sweep stake for those big sporting events – charge £1 a team, give 50% as a prize and 50% as a donation.

  13. Local 5k or 10k ramble. Organise a local walk of a few miles. Get people to take part, pay a small entry fee and mark out a safe route. Get all walkers to seek their own sponsorship to raise whatever amount you think is best.

  14. 50:50 auction. Sell raffle tickets at an internal event.  One prize of 50% of the value of tickets sold. The other 50% is a donation.

  15. Sale or auction of sports memorabilia. Contact your local football, rugby or cricket team and ask for some signed balls, shirts and so on to auction to raise donations.

  16. Collection tins in retail and trade outlets. Ask us to send you collection tins that can be placed on retail counters or in staff canteens. Give us a call when they need emptying.

  17. Company donation of £250 or £1,000 as a Business Friend. The simple solution – a straightforward £250 donation from your company will earn a place on our website as a ‘Good Friend’, £1,000 and you can become a ‘Best Friend’ – all donors will appear on our website and on social media.

  18. Lent – give up something and get sponsored! Get a little extra motivation to give up something for lent – alcohol, smoking or cakes – get sponsored to see if you can last the distance.

  19. Dry January. Give up alcohol after the Christmas and New Year excesses.  Lose weight, save money and have a bit of a detox while raising money for us.  Get family and friends to sponsor you as you go.

For any information on how to do these, and to collect sponsorship forms and leaflets, please e-mail info@eviesgift.org.uk