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We’ve answered some of the most common questions below

Q.        Who can apply for free accommodation from Evie’s Gift?

A.         Any parent or guardian whose child has been admitted to hospital with a life threatening or life limiting condition. The applicant should not have been offered free charity accommodation elsewhere.  They may be on a waiting list.

Q.        How many nights’ free accommodation does the applicant receive?

A.         Usually we will pay for 2 or 3 nights’ accommodation.

Q.        Does the booking include breakfast?

A.         Yes it will include breakfast where it is available.

Q.        Where will the accommodation be?

A.         It should be close to the hospital where your child is being cared for allowing you to be near your child.

Q.        Will I have to book the hotel or B&B myself?

A.         You can book it yourself, or if we have the capacity, we will book it for you.

Q.        What else can I ask for help with?

A.         We can offer help with food, travel, parking and mobile phone top-ups.

Q.        Will you transfer the money to my bank account?

A.         Where possible, we will pay the hotel direct, and provide you with a voucher or gift card for the other services. Where this isn’t possible, we will transfer the money direct to your bank account by BACS and will request your bank details.

Q.        Other than the items you have listed here, can we get help with other things?

A.         Yes, we will consider helping with other essential items like clothing and pyjamas for your child or yourself where you cannot afford them.

Q.        Is the help means tested?

A.         No. The help is about providing parents with proper rest and food so that they can concentrate on looking after their children. Where additional help is required, we will only help those on lower incomes.

Q.        Will I be charged anything for my accommodation?

A.         No. The initial award is free to you. If you elect to stay beyond your booking from us, you are responsible for paying that part of the bill yourself.

Q.        Am I expected to make a donation to the Charity?

A.         No. If you choose to support us at a later date, that is entirely up to you, but it is not required.